I wake up sunny rays melting my yawn
Your side of the bed is empty, unruffled with your pillow intact
A sudden panic grips my chest, i have no memory of last night
Somehow my eyes are puffy my nose a bit runny
I must have cried myself to sleep
Could it be because you were not there
Heart thumping i run out the bedroom door

Smell of fresh baked muffins greets me
You standing there shirtless
A broad smile dances in your eyes
Travels and makes your lips twitch in delight
“Morning beautiful” you saunter to me
Before your arms engulf me in, i step back hands up in defense

“Where did you sleep last night?”

He breathes and leans on the counter
I’m sorry i should have told you earlier
I slept in another woman’s arms

Darkness starts swooping in fast
Unconsciousness, unconsciousness where are you now

I had not seen her in a year
I missed her tender soft touches
The kiss only she knows how to give
In her arms i find my sanity
Everything makes sense when on her chest
She gives me more than i need, her warmth is my complete bliss
I live to make her laugh, she loves my humor like honey
I enjoyed an indescribable intimacy with her
Last night she was in my arms letting me see her vulnerability
She gave herself to me completely and whole
Her tears i drank in without guilt knowing she belongs to me
Only i know how to create weakness throughout her skin

Darkness, more darkness digging in
Unconsciousness i have found you now

In the arms of a mysterious woman i was
Whose sexiness completely charmed me

You ask me where i slept last night

I found you crying last night
Still mourning our lost child
Like you have done for the last year
Last night you allowed me to hold you again
You were in pain but i needed you
You needed me more
Months of our secret yearnings
Made our lips to touch then you were mine
Sated and comforted you fell asleep, i watched you sleep

Where i slept last night
Is in your loving arms, beautiful

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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