As i laughed on his warm neck drinking him in
I looked up and saw you walking alone
My heart suddenly came to full attention
A memory flickered in heaviness
For a split second i almost ran to you in an embrace
You looked so dejected your shoulders hung low
A sigh escaped your lips when you saw me

I could see your mouth open to say something
Then closed
You walked away
It was only last year that you and i happened
A whirlwind romance set things in motion
Inseparable like Siamese twins
Oh our love sparked
A tender spot still tingles in my heart
Though i have forgotten your sweet kiss
You will still remain a love i will not forget
He stares down at me wonder in his eyes
It’s nothing, i touch his cheeks
I have loved again
More deeper than i imagined possible
This man
He has me hooked, lined and sank into his abyss
Every pore in my being
Says yes every time he touches me
And no when he wants to leave me
I yearned for this kind of love
He gave it to me
Love is beautiful
He taught me that
In the way he held me in his perfect arms

I know serenity
I know fulfilled lust
I understand unashamed nakedness
I understand unmatched gratefulness
He inspired me in all that and more
His eyes tell me i should trust him completely
Fingers locked in mine assure me i have found love
This man
He makes me laugh and i love laughing with him
He took away the heartache that wanted to end me
Soothed away tears that wouldn’t stop
Made me queen of his heart, he king of mine
I know not what i would do without him near
This love with him is new to me
Like i have never loved before
I feel happy and safe with him
I am happy
Looking at your shadow disappear
A sense of loss leaves with you
In a moment you are gone
Still i wonder
I have found my soul mate, but you
Who is loving you

Copyright September 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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