I find myself on my knees
Trying to clean this wine stains
From our white carpet
Dinner became a shouting match
No one listened
No one shut up
Everyone was flared up
Shouts rendered the silence helpless

Temperatures exhausted by words
Even time held its breath
Waiting for hurts to simmer down
Hearts had exploded
Days of simmering anger
Unsaid regrets, complaints
Could i still love in this cocoon
Had we wanted this
Damn these stains that won’t come off
In frustration i throw away the cloth
Wanting to cry my heart out
Why won’t the stain come off
Will this white carpet ever be clean
Why did it have to be red wine
It just had to be a white carpet
Minutes staring at my bare feet
I know i don’t want him to go
I cannot say goodbye yet
I’m not ready to forget us
We can always buy another wine
I think looking at the empty bottle
The white carpet can be cleaned
Stains will go away
Running towards the kitchen door
To apologize, hold him again
I cannot run out of time
He’s right there at the kitchen door
He wants to apologize, hold me again
Wine stains on the carpet can wait
Our love needs mending
We can always buy white wine, he smiles
Or buy a new carpet, i smile

Copyright November 2015

Mulunga Alukwe

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