I never knew how far you’d been hurt
Your sadness ate at your soul
Causing sleepless nights
Mornings out of breath
Screaming for the torture to stop
I want to help you heal
Wars have shattered your bravery
I want to hold you as you fall asleep

So i can try to protect you from nightmares
I have seen
The scars you try to hide from me
Lay your head on my bosom
Let my beating heart lull you to sleep
Darkness hovers around your soul
Remembering casualties of war
Cries that haunt you in the night
Screams that will not let you rest in daytime
Your story came out in rumblings
How they tortured you
I hate to listen
Yet its the only way i know how
To try and heal your heart
Make you forget
Take your eyes off the mirror
Stop staring in disgust at your chest
Full of scars that you hate
Scars that i love
Those scars that show your brevity
How you survived pain
A breaking of the spirit
And even fear of death
That kept dangling in your face often
You said my love kept you alive
Knowing you will return
Kept me alive too
Knowing i will be in your arms again
You hate your scars, i love them
Because they brought you home to me
You made it for our love
Bury yourself in me
And forget your scars

Copyright October 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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