You promised to call me tonight after we fought
More than a thousand miles separate us
The distance tells me you are my everything
3:00pm a burnt orange dusk prepares my heart
4:00pm I watch as the sun sets knowing i will hear your voice
5:00pm I still wait counting the minutes ticking away
6:00pm My heart has began to wobble and worry
7:00pm My arms want to reach for my phone

8:00pm I try to watch the darkness becoming thicker
9:00pm I keep my mind safe from obsessing about you
10:00pm Sleep tries to clutch at my eyes as i wait
11:00pm My eyes start to mist over knowing time has passed
12:00am This nightmare suddenly wakes me up
12:01am I realize you have not called
1:00am I try to fall back to sleep with a disappointed heart
2:00am I realize you will not call
3:00am Waiting for dawn with an intense desire to cry
4:00am In the morning this phone call will not come
5:00am I drift into a troubled sleep saying goodbye to us

Copyright October 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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