Years of loving you
Have not stopped your humor from making me laugh, aloud
Ages of being your one true love
Have not dampened my funny bone from laughing hysterically with you
A loved brewed in the 1800’s still brewing in the 2000’s
A young damsel i was when you charmed me
18 and you created havoc in my innocence
108 and you still create havoc in my uninnocence
Your laugh

A boisterous sound i revel in
Moments don’t cease to exist when you are away
Jokes made in moments of loving at times in anger
Never get old
My ticklish vein still sensitive to your old matured humor
Every vein in me seeks your touch that still makes me giggle like a fool
Your fool in love with you
My laughter you say you cannot get enough
Right back at’cha
Your laugh will never get old with me
A love so grand
A laugh so magnificent
Humor oh so sexy
Decades of loving you have perfected our beautiful lives together
A century of existence
I do not want to laugh with anybody else but you
Anxious feelings, Heated emotions
All saturated by your uncomplicated humor
Bones seem to ache now when you make me laugh
Yet i do not want you to stop
Because it is the medicine that my body responds to
You still make me laugh
Rooms empty after children have left
You and i remain
There is nowhere else i want to be but in your arms
Our old love is enough to keep me happy and wanted
When the pains of illnesses find me
It is your laughter, you making me laugh that heals me
I was no fool loving you
Wars have ravaged the earth
It is your laughter that gave me solace
Your humor that stopped the maddening fear
Every embrace i remember like it was now that you gave
You, only you, your humor do i want in my life
100 more years
I know
You will still make me laugh

Copyright November 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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