A perfect definition of puppy love
We knew nothing then
Of love and all its complications
All we knew
We wanted to spend time together
Eat at lunch together
Even walk to class together
The day never started
Without seeing the other first

Holding hands
As we walked home after school
No care was felt
No shame imagined
Ours was a perfect innocent crush
Each other’s first love
Felt like the feelings would last forever
You were 15, i was 12
No one else knew anything about love
Only we knew what love was
Everything was perfect
The world was more perfect
Love letters exchanged in secret
Meeting at that corner
Where no one else would know
Just to hold hands and talk
We could conquer the world
Our love was strong enough
To last for eternity
Oh, to be young and in love
I miss that the most

Copyright November 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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