Your skin used to tingle
At my light touches lying next to you
I could see the small ripples form
In appreciation of my soft touch
The hairs on your skin
Used to stand as if in awe of my touch
I could see the hairs sway to the motion

As if my touch was a song they danced to
Hairs at the back of your neck
Stuck to your skin drenched in sweat
Sweating that i caused by my touch
Every time our bare arms touched
In an embrace while cuddling
Your skin tensed a little then relaxed
As if accepting my own that reacted too
Your skin glistened in the dark
Reflecting the new moon outside
Dotted with twinkling beautiful stars
Every time it was just you and me
In our luxurious burgundy boudoir
Your skin used to know my scent
Pores would open to drink the scent in
Seeming to smile in gratitude of my touch
When the lips touched
Oh, when the lips touched
The moment dragged on for eternity
Causing your heart to thud, loud
Your skin used to warm up
Blood almost becoming transparent
Veins hardening drawing little rivers
On arms that were strong
Each time mine came close
Your skin knew my skin’s dance
Entangled in delectable sinful delights
Forbidden yet yearned and longed for
Satin flowing on my skin
Never compared to how yours felt on mine
Days seem to have gone
Why do i feel so empty, disoriented
Could it be that
Your skin has grown cold

Copyright November 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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