She danced seductively to a slow song
intertwining on the pole like a vine
A snake slithering around a tree stump
She had mastered her craft
Knew the pole like the back of her hand
Dancing around it
Sliding down its height
Swinging on it
Coiling her waist around its breath
This was a dance she was flawless at
The pole and her
Her and the pole
She let music into her subconscious
Be absorbed underneath her skin
Sing to her heart
And whisper in her soul
Everything seemed static
When her hands rested on that stripper pole
It was like a dance of seduction
Like the pole knew exactly what she wanted
Her skin now used to the cold metal
Felt every move she did on the pole
Hair swaying in every direction
It was hard to resist her charms when she danced

Dame of the night
Her classic alter ego came out to play
Every change of song
Met by her change of dance
She owned that pole
Became one with the pole
Forgetting everything and everyone
She made the best of it
Dancing was her blood flowing her veins
Men awed at her spectacular performance
Women envied her unrestricted flexibility
Night was her playground
You could watch
But never touch
So much mystery surrounded her identity
How she danced subject of whispered talks
Each song made perfect by her dance

Lights dimmed
Her performance closed the curtains in
Black velvet stilettos walked away in that elegant sway
That took the breath away in an instant
Dame of the night had done her bidding
Not a sweat on her brow
Not a single hair out of place
She knew her craft well

Little hands jumped on her neck in excitement
Shrieks of delight met her at the door
Thelma and Zelma
Her twin girls
Only two
She was home
Here she was just
Dame of the night tucked away
I do this so you never have to do it my angels
Her mind recites as she tucks them to bed
Dance she will
Until she never has to
Or her body quits on her
Will she be judged harshly by them

Copyright May 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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