I have been your secret love
Sharing stolen kisses with you
Moments that I kept private
Loving all the moments together
The adventure too mind blowing
I wanted to tell the whole world
Scream at the top of my lungs
Embrace you whenever I wanted

I knew you were not free to love
I wanted to believe you were mine
Yet my heart knew I could not
Your secret love burned my soul
Meeting you in secret
How can I love you freely
I should have known it would not last
As my heart keeps breaking
Each time I see you with another
I know you were not my true love
Hearts beating yet not together
Looking into your eyes
Yet not feeling part of your life
I knew when you looked through me
You saw another
I wanted to be brave for us
Every hour spent with you
Hurt even more than when we were apart
I died every time you left
Knowing I would have to wait a lifetime
Before I could feel your arms around me
Oh, the secrets that this umbrella could tell
What we had needs to be broken
It will pain like burning fire
Yet I know I cannot be your secret love

Copyright May 2016
Mulunga Alukwe

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