The drafts hit my face as if on a revenge mission to atone for its cruelty
There lies an abandoned emotion, the epitaph read
Stuck on a cross road that leads to both parts of my destiny,
Destiny created in the arms of my maker
Where should the sun face or the moon turn
Should the stars align themselves to form Orion Sagittarius or Zodiac
The tell tale signs of a storm forthcoming
A pearl

Representing its beauty, so rare, yet so precious
The gust of wind becomes greater than the breath I take
A bird skips by singing the only melody it knows so well
Like a hawk protective of its unhatched eggs so am I of you
This journey has led me to a heart filled with
And want
All those emotions fill the chaotic soul of a poet that has misted over
With tears that glimmer even in the dark
Should I separate myself from such a feeling
So unkind yet unwilling to let me go
It is such a battle to experience such tenderness
Swallow the unlimited breakthrough of it all
Liars fill the humdrum of shivers foreseen in a dark gloomy night
The lies, woven into an innocent scent of truthfulness
The air kind of demystifies thoughts that have been sealed away
In a net of creative substance
Wherefore art thou, my reflection
Even the shadow has ceased to be close to me
Knowing well that life in its prime is the safest place to be
Can I count to ten without biting my tongue for lack of appropriate words
Does cheddar cheese make sense
Why is the sky blue and not green
Why do feet run when they don’t have to
Questions created, yet having no answers, deserving no conclusion
My voice cannot be raised as secrets cannot be revealed
Pink…Lest we forget
I want to dance with you in the rain
Shove all your plans away, my heart belongs to you
Waterfall resounding loudly in my ears, I listen
Come to my dreams, creaking with dust and rust
Soothe my chaotic soul as it is only you
I will settle on this land called mystic falls with you

Copyright May 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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