They say she died on Valentines Day
Stabbed by her lover’s mistress
14th February 1750 they say
I hear clanging of chains
I think it is just the wind
Nay it is not
Even the spiders on the wall weave their web faster
Soon as midnight beckons
Feeding stops

They cling to their web and freeze like pasted walls
Wails of a laboring woman are heard, loud
They say she seeks not revenge
Just a little retribution
Yet the terror her presence unveils is unbidden
White mists
Yellow mists
Colorless mists
They have witnessed some
I must have been dreaming
Yet my mind told me it was real
I saw her
The midnight dame of the hallway
Her blood stained Cinderella like gown flowing
As she swiftly moved barely touching the floor
This hallway filled with 1700 paintings was her lair
For there the portrait of her lover hung
My eye blinked thrice
Legs became jelly
Heart dipped below my knees
She was coming at me
So fast my brain was in a daze
I could see the anguish in her eyes
Wind blew the shutters back and forth
Owl outside stopped hooting
Crickets sang no more
Even paintings on the hallway seemed to shrink in terror
Here she was
Floating towards me
Eyes closed i waited with bated breath for her haunting
Silence followed
Seconds passed
Minutes disappeared
I willed my eyes to open
She was gone

Copyright February 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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