Nightly owls have quited down
Wind softly whispering its song
Moon high above the dark skies
Stars will not stop singing
Here you are in full delight
Here i am in magnificent joy
We have come to dance
Music is in our hearts
Ears listen to the rhythms
Slowly we embody special sentences
You speak of tongues foreign
Lips bound to sweet words

How shall i begin
How shall you end
Nights romance in exquisiteness
The day’s longings finally manifested
Hearts accelerating in speed
The need to touch accented by velvet fingertips
Slow motion of the moment
Body heat begins to generate
Inches only separate skins
Elegantly illuminates
Hot breaths of caramel commotions
Ease of loving becoming real

How shall you begin
How shall i end
Moistness of waist chanting
Beauty of a sacred moment
Danger so beautiful
Beautiful danger swallowed
Feet that run fast
Now dangling in pleasure
Tickles of a fancy morsel
Vibrate inside acquainted muscles
Sentenced to imprisoned orgasms
Seeing a lifetime of bliss
Freed pants escape supple mouths
As tongues engage a sinful delight
Bouncing bellies speak naught
Hairs on the skin mystify
Drinking in portions of delight

How shall i begin
How shall you end
Flesh upon flesh write a script
Stories of intimacy unending
Blood sings to Acapella tunes
As stick and ring make one beat
Eyes widely shut
Absorbing every mysterious sensations
Rising and falling
Into a crystallized pot of ecstasy
Fingers intertwined like vines
Bodies combusted into each other
Brains frozen in defiance
Limbs strengthless, satiated
Breaking dawn hour
Sleep creeps in silently
Ending the fertile dance of the night

Copyright May 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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