I have fallen in love Mama
I found someone who understands me
Loves me for who I am
Makes me laugh a lot
I love the way he listens to me
Attends to my every worry
Creates his world around me
He asked me to be his valentine
I said yes

He makes me stronger daily
I cannot imagine life without him
He sees the best in me
I know you taught me different
But still you taught me to fight for what i want
You may be disappointed in me
Angry even
But i love him too much
He just fits in my life perfectly
He is everything to me
You need to understand he needs me too
Forgive me if i let you down
Forgive me for loving wrong
Forgive me for your tears
Mama i love this boy
I cannot let him go
My life would be empty if i didn’t have him
I know he is right for me
Everything says i am to be in his future
I don’t know how to make it right with you
I wish you understand my heart
His heart belongs with me
As i cannot fight these feelings
Mama looks back at me
Is that fear i see in her eyes
Regret maybe
Or just plain anger
She has been silent all this while
How can i make her understand
I love this boy, this boy loves me
I see her eyes blink twice
Her hands reach out and touch my face
You are still my son, she says

Copyright May 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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