You had a broken heart
That showed your blemish
A thicket of thorns
Surrounded your heart that pained
Drained by emotions
That weighed heavily on your soul
You seemed exhausted by it all
Vowing never to let yourself
Be overtaken by temptations of the wind
No woman would ever com close
To your vulnerability
Or feel you trembling in her arms
Love lost its full meaning
And compassion in a heart beat
It is not so with me
I have drawn a map to your heart

Hoping that you will let me in
Without fear of aching
I cannot promise perfection
I can only give you my simple heart
That knows it needs you
I see you want to call me back
After you sent me away
Still your hand is unsure
Of holding mine that waits
I have patience enough for both of us
All roads lead to the best part
Of loving another person
Let go and let my love for you
Cure the conceit you feel for love
Give me a chance
To sooth and heal the raw wound you have

Hold onto me as i show you
Love does not have to hurt
Sweetness in romance is possible
If you let go
My arms are a safe place to be
You will be home with me
If you give me the map to your heart

Copyright May 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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