Sleep has evaded my tired eyes
Lives lost in so much abandon
Hate or is it really the truth
I lack words to write
Emotions too infringed
A moment of silence is all
I think to myself
More lately than yesterday
A sudden moonlight escapes

Thoughts penetrated by fists
Inside a sunken earthen pot
Hunger pangs i feel in my belly
Learning to watch
Needing to play
Knowing for dreaming
Listening for marvels
Opening with dread
Watching with hope
Foxes trot silently in the forest
Owls have already tucked in
I think of what not written
Words play on my fingers
Midnight musings
Sounding like a classic record
Wondering sounds of sweet snores
Empires brought down
Kingdoms built
All at the laps of a woman
Breathtaking night scene
I feel
Thoughts keep me awake
Words tilted on my tongue
Names undefined
Everything has changed direction
Midnight blues
A poet’s muse
It’s only midnight

Copyright June 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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