Tell me they need to be healed
Taken care of
So smooth and luscious
Have created moments to be yearned for
Emotions to be craved for
Illusions to be lived in reality
Sins to be forgiven later
They give me a purpose
Speak to me in tongues undefined
Course through my veins
Every moment I think of them
Wonder how they taste
How my lips will accept fate
When can i own them

Her bee stung lips
Tell me they need to be embraced
Taken not for granted
So mellow and musical
They tell stories of passion fulfilled
Have created dreams to be needed for
Feelings to be wished for
Fantasies to be lived in the present
Sins to be atoned later
They give me a reason
Speak to me in languages defined
Surge through my ateries
Every second i ponder about them
Wonder how they are textured
How my lips will welcome hunger
When can i embrace them

Her bee stung lips
Speak of poetry never heard
Music that inspired beautiful moonlights
I dream a lifetime with them
They inspire my recklessness
Giving me audacity to want to feel
How can lips speak so much
Yet say nothing at the same time
Drowning me into their mystery
Sunlight bouncing off them
Moonlight reflecting on them
Retelling stories of magnificence
Rendering my own story irrelevant

Can our lips tell the same story
I just want to know
I just want to touch
Her bee stung lips

Copyright June 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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