I sit alone wondering
I had a job
I had a house
I had a love
Where did it all go
When did life start hating me
Why did i lose it all
How did rain start falling on my beard
Crystallized in hard emotions

I am a man on a ledge
Should i jump
Should i hang
Should i swim
The world keeps spinning
Cars won’t stop moving
A British accent from Idris
Where does life stop
Should it end for me
A high five kind of moment escaped
I want no safety net
I need a job
I need a house
I need a love
Is it all coming to me
This man on a ledge
Keeps thinking of life in solitude
It would be nice to be alone
Not think of aloneness
When is life changing for me
When will she stop telling
When will she stop yelling
A little solitude would be nice
My heart knows
I feel helpless
I feel like a heart stuck in mud

Copyright June 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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