I like it when you hug me from behind
As we stand still in the moment
Then you kiss the nape of my neck
As you slowly kiss your way
To my jawline that anxiously awaits
Trailing it with kisses
Until you find my waiting lips
Teasing them and then nibbling
Kissing me again

As you find my chin with your lips
Following it with light kisses down my beating neck
Traveling the trail at the base of my neck
With butterfly light kisses
Stopping there for a second
I am swooped into your arms and dropped on the bedding
Then you go down to my toes
Kissing as you move up
To the back of my knees
Kissing the hollow behind the knee
Touching my inner thigh with your lips
As you head towards my stomach
Playing with my belly button
With your tongue for a few seconds
Moving up in steady perfection
Patiently kissing all my ribs one by one
Touching the skin of my belly with your tender kiss
Trailing my rib cage
Onto my bosom that is restless
Skipping my collarbone
And starting from my neck again
Slowly kissing your way to my jawline
Tracing magnificent kisses
Finding my abandoned lips
Nibbling them and then teasing
With a smile
Biting gently at my chin
Following the pattern down my throbbing neck
Making my heart dangerously stop
Where will your lips touch next
I wonder impatiently, breathlessly
Perfectly still yet disturbed
Butterfly kisses linger in the air
I am deeply indebted to your touch
Even my bones ache for your kiss
Chest to chest, toe to toe
My flesh is made for your flesh

Copyright May 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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