City streets glowing the darkness of a full moon
Alleys crafted by those with evil intent
Stained lamp posts glitter with rust
She staggers almost missing a manhole
Heels tightened around her ankles
Thighs beating in the nasty July cold
Ring on her nipple grasping for space
Her belly button fighting the pinch
Long legs for days saunter along
A gasp here, a stare there

Her eyelids refuse to keep open
She shakes off the piece of newspaper
From arms that struggle to hold on
Hair matted on her forehead
Like sea weed from the Indian Ocean
Bitterness seems to be escaping her trembling lips
One bra strap hanging on her arm
Struggling to steady her frail weight
Night could not end fast enough
Her mind wondered why it was so loud
Why the lights were so bright
She spits hard on the concrete
Trying to remove the taste of cigarettes
A taste of spirits she did not recognize
Eyes stained with mascara
Foundation running down her dark cheeks
She sought solace in the paper she clutched
Crumpled notes chocking to death in her grip
A wry smile touches her lips
Then laughter, screeching, tormented laughter
Finally leaning on a wall
She slowly slides to the floor hands in her face
Then gripping her head between her knees
She lets the sobs overtake her chest
Slowly she sprawls on the cold hard pavement
Hugging her knees in a fetal position
That ruefully inhuman laugh again
Memories suddenly became vivid
His voice, his taste, his smell, his vulgar
She resolves to walk away
Her clothing stained by corrupted flesh
Triggers her heels to run faster

Copyright September 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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