Before baby came
He owned her African breasts
Mounted on a chest so warm
A bosom so tempting
Perched like a white Lily of the valley
Smooth like the river stones
Heart beating through them
Like the rhythm of the Zulu drums
Ever testing his self control

His eyes would not look away
Transfixed on that earthly mound
Outgrown like ant hills
Singing to the rhythm of his loins
Her African breasts created havoc
A madness in his mind
A longing at his fingertips
A tingling in his big palms
He knew he would not test his impatience
She not shy to let him stare without shame

Her African breasts he completely possessed
He lay his hand on them as he slept
Just so he knew they belonged to him alone
Waking up he would watch her sleep
Eyes gazing steadily at her breathing
Her breasts drawing him in like a bee to honey
Speaking of lustful languages he knew so well, so well

He would not fail to cup in his hands underneath her reinments
As they lazily lay enjoying the silence
Her smile let him know she was all his in every way
Her African breasts sent his senses to the deep jungle yet conquered
He would not get lost
Only found at the tip of that African mountain
When lips touched flesh
Earth split into two
Winds froze
Air perforated
Clouds darkened
Life was reborn
It was no dream

Now that baby is here
He knew he had to wait a while
Until her African breasts
Were his to completely
Obsess, capture and tame

Copyright June 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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