She stood on the river’s edge
Watching as her pearls slowly disappeared into the depth of the cold water
It felt freeing
Yet terrifying at the same time
Feeling the soft breeze sooth her jaw
Memories she would wish to forget
Love was a lie
Everything within her resolved never to give in
She would be strong again
Never to leave her heart out in the open
Watching the water ripple
Told her time had passed to stop mourning
Slowly she walked away from the river’s edge

He watched her intently
What sorrow had such a magnificent creature carried
He saw her wince trying to send away a painful memory
Why was her aura drawing him in like a magnet
What demons did her spirit send away from inside him
He saw her deep eyes
Beautiful yet filled with so much sadness
Her lips luscious yet trembling in regret
He watched her arms swing throwing pearls into the water
And there it was, bruises that drew on her arms like tattoos
He felt bile run up his throat
Knowing someone hurt such tender arms
Why couldn’t he stop watching her
Mystified by her femininity
Slowly he walked away from the river’s edge

She saw him at the corner of her eye
This was not going to happen again
She swore never to feel vulnerable again
Yet why was his aura calling out to him with such force
Why was her heart not agreeing with her mind
She would never let him love her
She would never let him feed her
She would never let him touch her
She still reminded herself love was a lie
Told in fairy tales that never come true
She had to walk away from his gaze

He saw her again
The effect she had on her never waning
Why was he drawn to her face
That jaw he saw her run fingers over gently
Who was it that dared to hurt such beauty
He had to love her
He had to protect her
He had to feed her
He had to have her
She stood still gazing at him yet not looking at him
She seemed so lost she needed redemption
He would not leave her if he held her in his arms
He let her walk away from his gaze

You have no idea
How much I want to kiss you
He breathed

Please do
I want you to
She pleaded

I can’t
I don’t want to loose control
He begged

I want you to
Loose control with me
She gave in

How will I come back
Who will bring me back
He paused

I will go with you
I will bring you back
She decided

She let him drape all the pearls around her entire body
She would not be afraid anymore
He was her total redemption
The man he would let him love her, feed her, have her, touch her
For the first time she feared not the touch of cold pearls in her skin
He wanted so much of her
To conquer every inch of her soul
She let him draw lines over her scars that she had hidden for so long
He was allowed to see, touch, kiss every scar on her body
He relished being this close to her vulnerabilities
Every touch
Every kiss
Every orgasm
She possessed without fear of loss
Love was no longer a lie
His pearls that he caressed her entire body with
Would be her only possession

Copyright June 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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