He had an old wise settled soul
If i had lived in that century
I would have know pure undiluted silent love
He told me
I want to experience that kind of longing serene love moments
Love brewed in the 1950’s
Was uncomplicated delicious lasting for all ages
Moments known to create emotions
So wonderful fulfilled even
It was all i wanted

Simplicity of falling in love with him
Cold winter breezes
Warm summer winds
Moist spring days
Golden earthy autumns
Seasons kept me grounded in a love so beautiful

Times were simpler
Love was easy, peaceful
Laughter sang beautiful music
Tunes too grand to forget
I wish for that kind of love that kind of romance
Dancing under the night skies
Breathing in soft happiness
I want it all
I want it now
Love brewed in the 1950’s

Copyright 2015 Mulunga Alukwe


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