The aroma wafting through my nostrils like fresh rain
Fallen on dark green dewy grass
Brings back my senses from a wonderful day dream
Only that it is not a daydream but a dream i live through
Here i lay on the rich red soil

Moist yet dry enough not to soil my back
Every grain arranged in a rhythm-like manner
Creating a divan of sorts for cushioning
I am alone inside the thick of the coffee bushes
Yet the moments feel so real remembering that day
That day you brought me closer to a small paradise
The peaceful surroundings that beg not to be disturbed
All i can smell are ripened coffee beans still clutching at their branches
Feeling my fingers on their delicate leaves
As i slowly close my eyes and evoke every memory of you
Inviting me into your heart with a cute kiss
Later dancing to our own composition that never ended
Life had taken me into a lonely alley of tantrums
You came and tamed my need for warmth, trust and sincerity
Comforting me with your laugh
This coffee farm on a hill
Is where i understood the anatomy of a simplified love so divine
Brewed into a marvelous cup of beautiful ardor

Copyright November 2015

Mulunga Alukwe


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