Walsall Council Elections Take Place

I see strength that i cannot fathom
Strength to hold my hand
Strength to hold my tears
Strength to hold my laughter
Strength to hold my anger
Strength to hold my heartbreak
Strength to hold my moodiness
Strength to hold me

In my father’s HANDS
I find a hope for the future
I feel his love for me
When i walk across the streets holding his hand
His hands hold me still
When i am impatient at life

At my father’s FEET
I learn unquestionable wisdom
I know who iam
Because he is my father
His feet hold the ground firmly for me
At his feet i humble myself
Knowing i am to obey his words
His knowledge flows at his feet

In my father’s DISCIPLINE
I grow stronger, wiser, calmer
His discipline makes me a grownup
Love is filled in my father’s discipline
He knows i need to be guided
So i find my way in this life
Knowing i have the best teacher

On my father’s SHOULDER
I see the world as i never have before
I feel stronger without fear
His shoulders are the foundation
The pillar that will hold me steadfast
His shoulders
Strong and mighty yet tender
Whenever he lifts me up
I know i am safe on his shoulders

In my father’s LOVE
I know how i will love a man
How he should treat and respect me
I understand unconditional love
I know love that keeps its word
I feel how special i should be made to feel
His love teaches me patience
Shows me real commitment
My father’s love
Is everything i hold dear

I my father’s EYES
I see a reflection of who i will become
I understand who iam
I know myself more than possible
His eyes filled with pride
I see the tears he holds in
Just so i can be stronger in this journey

In my father’s EYES
I see me

Copyright October 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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