She watched him speak
As the wind blew across his black hair
She listened to him speak
But about what
She loved the way he smiled in a split second
Everytime he talked about something passionate
But what was it
She watched his eyes speak
Lovely eyes indeed
What were they saying
She loved his hands that spoke of warrior conquests

Kiss me
She said
He stared at her like he was caught in a spotlight
She loved how his lips wanted to move
Yet words came not
You know you can have coitus when pregnant
Where was this going
It is recommended when you’re almost in labour
One last orgasm and baby pops out
Not literally but you get my point
He still kept watching her
Was that amusement she saw
Don’t worry
We wont be having coitus while i’m pregnant
A smirk played around his mouth
She was relentless
Your lips are distracting
So kiss me
To get rid of this anticipation
Still he spoke nothing
She leaned in closer across the table
She watched his eyes darken
Listened to breaths quicken
Wind whistling past their noses
Okay then
She spoke to him
Don’t say i didn’t want to
And turned to walk away
In a split second
He had whirled her around
His hands held her face
Lips met anticipating lips
Her arms clasped his neck
It was a frozen moment
Letting her go
He finally spoke
Don’t say i didn’t kiss you
When you asked

Copyright September 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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