Even before time began
You existed
In Glory, Splendour, Awesomeness
You were that time before time
Darkness cannot contain you
You are God alone
When time sets its seasons
You were its Master

You are Unstoppable
You are Unquenchable
You are Undefeated
You are Uncrushable


You have been on your Throne
You still are on your Throne
You made existence what it is
You have been and you will be
God alone

After time began
You existed still
In Beauty, Exquisiteness, Wonder
Light cannot contain you
Alone you are God
A thousand years is a day to you
A day is a thousand years to you
You are a timeless masterpiece

You are Glorious
You are Precious
You are Conscious
You are Victorious

You live up in the Heavens
Your throne rules over the earth
You make existence what it should be
You are and will be
God alone
Not created by human hands
You need nothing from humanity
You depend not on man
You are in need of nothing
Man is just but soil
Filled with your life giving breath
You remain on your Throne
Saint and sinner
You rule over their hearts
It is just the way it is
That you are God alone

Human hands are frail
They can give you nothing you already have
You do not depend on man
Man depends on you
Anything, everything man can give
Is already established on your throne

None can contain your Power
None can match your Beauty
None can speak your Manifestation
None can create your Works
None can stop your Throne

Jehovah, Elshadai
Elohim , Adonai
Abba Father, Yahweh
You are a God
Not created by human hands

Copyright September 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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