Why so harsh with humanity
Why the rage of destruction
Conquering your very soul
Does fear feed your greed
Is your strength in seeing tears
All the loneliness you have caused
Just look
Look at the desolate lands you have left in your wake
Violent winds
More violent waves

Why so mad at humanity’s existence
Creating such havoc
Untold suffering to inhabitants
Aches and pains to children
Distress and fear in parents
Who will save us from mother nature’s fury
Hurricane Mathew
Your name so ironic yet unpredictable
Is there no end to your tough reality
Dear Mathew
Calm your fury
So we can rebuild our lives
End your violence
So we can go back home
Relax your winds
So we can trust the earth
Allow us to embrace a new start
Let not this be the end of us
We need to breath again
Learn again
Love again
Build again

Copyright October 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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