The wind is dry, rough outside
I have been sitting thinking
I have had a year without you
My skin feels drafty
My throat feels still as icicles
I watch the window close
Wind is getting misty
Like a country song
My mind sings a music of dangerous lusts

You have been away
From these hands that grasp an empty nest
Lips that have been wrecked by loneliness
A voice scorched by whispers
Whispers refusing to reach five hundred miles


Eve’s night torn by strings of a broken guitar
Taking justice in my own hands
Is this where magic lives
Choreographed into a dance of loss
Bringing me into interesting moments
Drafty darkness it is
Nairobi state of mind clouds my judgement


Dreaming of a black christmas
Tomorrow i get to go home
To your dark silver lined African skin
Darker than full moon’s nights
Darker than moonless nights
Silhouettes dripped by inspirations


I know i will reinvent seasons of satisfaction
Leaving everything else on the floor
Coffee shops
Why is my mind taking me down
A song of affection builds around my heart
Dreaming of a black Christmas
Drawing me into your dark lips
Neck giving in to your slight touch


Take me with you
Sober me up with the dance of your fingertips
Stay close to the thighs that you own
We are alive in each other
Broken into each other
Made into each other
I just want you to know who i am
As i dream of a black Christmas with you

Copyright December 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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