She watched him walk away
Every sliver of hope diminishing
The hope she carried deep in her bossom
Now a hollow tunnel filled with echoes
Dreams she had
Dreams she thought he had
Misting with regrets
He said he was done with her love
She said he could not have
What happened to nights of promises
Where did promises of forever go to
He couldn’t be done with their love
She wasn’t done with loving him
Still he kept walking away
Had he lied about staying for eternity
Was she the only one who loved
Left with his shadow
She let her hand fall at her side in defeat
Everybody leaves, she whispered broken

He stood by the door
Watching him walk away
Father was walking away from them
Said he found another home
Mother was on the sofa
Sobbing not knowing how to not break
Why was father hurting mother
Why had he lied
He’d promised to take care of them
Watch him marry the woman he loved
Give his sister away at the altar
Why had his word broken
Could this be the end of their life
Father needed to stay
Where to now
What does this leave with them
Father’s cologne disappears past the pavement
Everybody leaves, he whispers shattered

Please help, stop this
I yell my lungs out
They keep kicking me on the ground
I am a nerd, so they say
Why is being smart a sin worth bullying
I have hurt no one
Is it because i am a loner
Is my body too frail it attracts beatings
Insults hurled, harsh words spoken, objects thrown
I should yell louder
Maybe get up and run
I can’t
Then i see him, my best friend since we were five
I smile knowing my hero is here
Finally i will be safe, soon as he defends me from this hell
Our eyes lock, he blinks, then turns away
My hand is left lonely in the air
No more strength to yell, i give in
Everybody leaves, i whisper destroyed

She holds her frail hand
Eyes too weak to even open
Her daughter lies sick on the bed
Why did health take away her life
Why now
She only a teenager
Not lived life yet
She promised to be a good girl
Why hadn’t cancer listened
I promised to understand her
Why won’t Heaven listen
Taking the few last breathes
She must remain strong
She must show no weakness
Even when the insides are burning with rage, remorse, deep sadness
Death take me instead, she begs
Daughter’s heart stops and she freezes
Heart wrenching mourn
Everybody leaves, she growls desperately

Everybody always leaves
Why do they leave

Copyright October 2016
Mulunga Alukwe

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