Beautiful hills that disappear into the horizon
Creating a picture of perfection
Mountains that dot the valleys
Thundering into the escarpment
Forests green, in full bloom
A sight to behold with naked eyes
Every blade of green grass
Glistening in the afterglow
Of a slow morning dew meltdown
Earth so rich and fertile
Dances amidst the morning sun
Lilies of the Valley
Roses in the Savannah
Cactus in the Sahara
Magnifying the beauty that is creation

The Word that God Speaks
Caused all this exquisiteness to come forth

He spoke and nature obeyed
Stars aligned themselves
The moon took its place
The sun knew where to stand
Plants grew in their season

“You are the apple of My Eye
I hold you in the palm of My Hand
Under My Wings I will keep you safe
Fear shall not defeat you
Your enemies will watch you eat at My Table
My Word shall not be void of promises
You shall not walk alone on this earth”

The Word that God speaks
Cannot be broken by man

His Promises are never void of fruition
His Word is settled without doubt
He speaks life into the living
That Word carries Power
Word that became flesh came true
In death His Word was fulfilled
At resurrection His Word was made whole

When God Speaks
His voice thunders in the mountains
The rocks stay still to listen
The skipping lamb turns in attention
Papyrus reeds stop swaying
The air stands still
His Word
Never empty
Ever meaningful

The Word that God Speaks
Eternally engraved in the heart of man

Never fading
Never ending
When His Voice thunders in the mountains
You know that God has spoken
You need to stay still
And listen
To that thunderous voice
Sometimes very quiet

Copyright September 2016
Mulunga Alukwe

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