He stood there beside the bed
Duvet wrinkled around her body
Watching her sleep away
As the rain pelted the window pane
Snoring into the breezy December night
He watched her
This woman
His woman
Stood by him
Carried his ego in her fragile hands
Challenged his intelligence
Called him out on his shit
Made him listen to his insanity
This woman
His heart beat

Sprawled on his bed in all her glorious nakedness
Shook her finger in his face
To discipline his wayward ways
Yelled at him to get his effing life together
Held him at his worst
Ignored him at his best
Walked out on him when he broke her heart
He found her back
Swore to keep the peace in her heart
This woman
His insanity
His ecstasy
She tossed around the burgundy sheets
Then she farted
He didn’t care he was hooked to her
She was his imperfection made perfect
Hey, her groggy voice interrupted his reverie
His knees found their way to the floor
Taking her hands into his
Eyes fixed on her bewildered blinking eyes
“Marry me this Christmas”
She sat up breasts feeling the rainy breeze
Babe i’m naked she laughed
So am i he smirked
Three years of their lives together
He still wanted more with her
“Marry me this Christmas”
He leaned closer to her face
My balls are freezing
“I will marry you this Christmas”
And then they tumbled on the fluffy white carpet
Chest to chest
Nose to nose
Waist to waist
This was where she belonged
Betrothed to his needy body
Can i stay on top
She whispered in his ear leaning into him
Anything you want babe
He bit his lower lip
You are the Queen of this castle
And then it was 3:17 am

Copyright December 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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