It was 1984
He met her first
She saw him last
They danced
He made her a mix tape
All the songs they danced to
All the memories they talked of
All the moments they walked on
All the distances they swore on

It was 1985
He saw her last
She met him first
They swayed to music
From the music they loved
Every dance they enjoyed
Every laughter they perfected
Every smile they cherished
Every embrace they relished
It was 1986
He was still with her
She was still with him
They danced
Their cassette tape played on
Every music they knew so well
Midnight Orchids perfumed their romance
It was 1987
She said yes
When he asked
Their cassette tape playing their favourite song
Then they danced
It is 2016
They still dance
To a dusted cassette tape
Filled with their music they love
With Midnight Orchids
Still perfuming their romance

Copyright October 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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