She stands before you
Eyes filled with emotions unknown
Arms that want to reach out
Heart thumping in its chest
Fear dazzled in her bright pupils
Ear twitching from the beating heart
Long neck daring you loudly
Feet firmly set on the ground
Lips straining a smile
Hair massaging her scalp
Those curves unending
Skin shimmering in the night
Beckoning untold fairy tales
What do you see
She’s all woman

Her voice may push you away
Her lips refuse to kiss you goodnight
Her eyes may be swollen from tears
Arms refuse to hold you back
Angry words escape her mad throat
Her heart may shrink at your presence
Feet run away from you
Her promise never to see you again
Never to hear you again
Resolved behind closed doors
Ultimatum handed on a platter
She never wants you back
Her eyes piercing with pain
What do you feel
She’s all woman

She walks towards her car
Waving you off with that cute hand
She can make it on her own
She will not listen to your decision
Leave as she pleases
Come back when she decides
Owning her degree like the very air she breathes
Barking orders at the office
Impatience written in her eyes
Every beat of her walking stiletto heels
Air filled with her designer perfume
Taking charge of her welfare
She knows who she is what she needs
What do you do
She’s all woman

Appreciate her curves
Indulge her like champagne
Taste her like Swiss chocolate
Need her like air in the morning
Embrace her femininity
Experience her like exotic spice
Treat her like diamond
Enjoy her like vintage wine

Independent woman
Working her throne
Stay at home woman
Building your throne

She’ s all woman
What do you want

Copyright September 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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