I have loved so much before
Yet not in this magnitude
You make me work harder to find you
I want to run
Catch up
With emotions in my head
With those that dangle my heart
You see me as no one does
Long days
Even longer nights
Only make me yearn more
For the morsels i see in you
A heart broken
Never learns to love again

Here we are
You trying to love my undignified heart
Me trying to love your scattered heart
I know you are good for me
A calmness i have not known before
Shade from the scorching sun
Warmth in the winter cold
Dryness when it rains hard
Melody when crickets have stopped singing
Yet you are hard work to love
You try to shelter your heart away
Fear losing control inside me
Try to forget the pains of past moments
Your ghosts haunt you
Ghosts of betrayal
Memories of unending tears
Quiet moments
Even calmer instants
Make it harder to breathe
Because distance spells doom
Break down these walls
Let me into your abbys

Copyright September 2016
Mulunga Alukwe


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