The Sound of your heartbeat
Gives my bossom trembles
Makes my loins shiver with anticipation
Kiss my lips
Take this expectation away from me
Hold me in your arms
Until all the loneliness goes away
I have yearned for your touch
I have dreamt of you inside me
Telling tales that I never imagine

Whispering thoughts my mind censored
Every piece of your body
Tatooed all over mine
In a sign language
Only our bodies understand
Dance with me
This dance of intimate ruptures
Make completely yours
As I have lost my dignity on your waist
Love me now
Love me later
Love me forever
Let me be your intimate secret
To be relived on our midnight sheets
As our bodies combust
Into an orgasmic illision



Shades of many shades in my soul
Has been turning me around in my bed
Drinking tea from a ceramic tea cup of chinese origins
Driving myself into a rollercoaster of dirty emotions
Needing to speak to someone who knows my pain
Big bangs of loosing control of my own sanity
Sparks of fire
Peaceless nights
Spectacles intact
Windscreen shouting in danger Turning everything upside down Concious of a cold
Shivers in the night
White handkerchiefs of a 19th centuty gentleman
Paddles in muddy weather of raindrops
Washing my soul with laxatives, painkillers, eyeing that meth
Just to numb the pains of shades in my soul
This glass of wine
This cup of tea
This mug of porridge
Staring at a fish bowl, gold fish trying to find Nemo
Loss of you baby
Loss of myself
Loss of my existence
Loss of my identity
Loss of my sanity
Make no careless whispers in the night, upholding a strength of possession
Say a prayer of broken hallelujah to the single lone star in the blue night sky
Pastures of broken frontiers green with fertile lands
Seeking mercy
Searching hope
Feeding faith
Harvests in summer
Tales with static meaning of surprise dates
Wanting to shed off weight of grief without horror of pain
Partly cloudy
Shades of many shades in my soul



They Recognize my need for the summer rain in the middle of September

Will you get off my brain and let me live through your memories

Walking on Memphis street I dream of your hands sifting through my hair
Street lights give me the chills of your feet trodding outside my door

Black and white graffiti on the walls call out my street artistry

Visions in red and green disturb my trembling lips so sanely I shudder

Summer rain in September shall suffice for my attachment of your waist