The end of this journey unknown
Deep into the caves
I am hiding from loneliness
A beaten down soul like sea weeds Whistles are too loud for my tired ears
May I wrap myself into you
You and I belong together
In this silhouette night sky
Black as a raven
Always wanting your arms around me
As your skin caresses mine
In a language we understand
It is all so right
As you are Labeled my soul mate



Have been slowly eating at me
Emotions of heartaches
Emotions of regrets
Emotions of guilt
Emotions of unhappiness
I need to take charge of them
I have to dilute their effect
On my heart
I need to Conquer these emotions
Deathly and unforgiving



I hear the sounds of the morning
The sun has already peaked from clouds
It is a land filled with expectations
Africa my motherland
Born out of determination
Created from experience
By our ancestors who lived before us
As the skies turn blue then white
I look at the horizon
See futures that we yearn for
Happiness that is sometimes fleeting
We all want a hope that stays
Deserts call for their thirst
As life begins from a hatched egg
I dream of a better life ahead
Life made to be lived to the fullest
I watch the sun descend the horizon
Dances split the stillness of the air
As night approaches
I hear drum beats
In the middle of the Sahara desert
Life begins anew
Children are born
Mothers celebrate life
Africa my best life yet lived
On a land that never sleeps
Refreshed by its Spring waters
Comforted by its diamonds in the soil
Love made in the African pot
Brewed into expectant hearts



She stood at the entrance to the barn
Looking frazzled
Lost in her own moment
Fear stilled her lips
Tears dried by the rainy wind
Half torn
Half hanging on her shoulder
Her yellow dress clung to her frail body
What was left of it
Hours in the market she had been
Sudden rain found her amidst the bare lands
Horses foot steps was all she heard
Before her head hit the ground
Tears stung at her innocent eyes
As he tore her dress
Breath smelling of beer
From Jo’s Salon
She knew her world had ended
Soon as she felt his weight
Rain poured, wind blew
Her strength she gathered and ran
Fast as she could
Till she saw a barn door open
Standing at the entrance way
He saw her torn Yellow dress
He knew from pain in her eyes
Gun in hand he left
For Jo’s Salon



Ten years have passed
Ten years without your love
Ten years missing your laughter
Ten years crying for your loss
Ten years not holding you
Ten years not laying on your chest
Ten years not hearing your advice

I have not forgotten you mother

Ten years I have yearned for you
Ten years I have missed you
Ten years I have been alone
Ten years I have cried so much
Ten years I have lost my direction
Ten years I have not talked to you
Ten years I have held myself

I have not forgotten you mother

Ten years you are still with me
Ten years you live in my heart
Ten years you speak in my dreams
Ten years you exist in my memories
Ten years you dwell in my mind
Ten years you stay in my soul
Ten years you abide in my brain

I have not forgotten you mother

Ten years of silently wishing you home
Ten years of words spoken in your memory
Ten years of still questioning my reality
Ten years of wanting the same thing, you
Ten years of tear stained pillows at night
Ten years of creating a wall around my heart
Ten years of having Immersed myself with rain

I have not forgotten you mother

Now you get to meet your grandson
My baby is up there with you mother
I miss you both
More than you will ever know
Ten years, mother
It’s been ten years
I need to survive another ten
Without you and my baby

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