I hear the sounds of the morning
The sun has already peaked from clouds
It is a land filled with expectations
Africa my motherland
Born out of determination
Created from experience
By our ancestors who lived before us
As the skies turn blue then white
I look at the horizon
See futures that we yearn for
Happiness that is sometimes fleeting
We all want a hope that stays
Deserts call for their thirst
As life begins from a hatched egg
I dream of a better life ahead
Life made to be lived to the fullest
I watch the sun descend the horizon
Dances split the stillness of the air
As night approaches
I hear drum beats
In the middle of the Sahara desert
Life begins anew
Children are born
Mothers celebrate life
Africa my best life yet lived
On a land that never sleeps
Refreshed by its Spring waters
Comforted by its diamonds in the soil
Love made in the African pot
Brewed into expectant hearts


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