I knew your smile caught my heart
Your very laughter tickled my fancy
I should have known I would fall like this
Fall yet feel no pain
Because my heart bumped with yours
Those slight dimples
Caught the corner of my eye
My heart fluttered a bit
When I sat next to you
I smiled internally
Knowing I had found him
Him who made me have perfect dreams
Of hands holding me close
Feet that walked by my side
Kept me from loosing my way

Dear John
I should have said so
That my mind was made up with you
Your hand I wanted to hold
If that were possible
I should have let you know
My heart melted
Into a puddle of vanilla butter
When you sounded my name
Those messages
Ever crafted with your reaction in mind
Should have said I love you
In many definite ways
I should have known I would fall like this
Then maybe
Maybe then
I would not have let you go that easily

Dear John
Here is my letter to you
Mailed from a sense of loss
Loss of letting you go
Before you made so much sense to me
Like a Blanket  on a cold winter night


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