That moment
When I saw your lips
I knew
They would break me
With their romance
Douse me
In immortal pleasure
Timeless passions
That had been burried within
Deep inside that oasis
Of blue milk
In autumn rays
Then it happened
Your lips on mine
I lost all resolution of strength
Taken away
By this bliss I had longed for
Such a tenderness
Such a madness
Such a peacefulness
Your lips on mine
Your kiss
Where do I begin
A senseless inspired meltdown
Quick to get my waist tickled
Creating wants, needs, cravings
Where do I begin
Your kiss
Myths unbroken
A shattering of boulders of stones
A sensation
Traveling to the corners of my hips
Like a feathered touch
From silky moons
Your kiss
Makes me remember those sheets
Silky midnight black sheets
Drawing patterns on my skin
How lonely they get
My lips
Without yours
I need a Reprieve
For the ways my loins react
To yours
That’s where I begin
Your kiss…


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