Last night I was in your arms
Relishing the warmth of your bosom
Following the shape of your collar bone
With my fingers oh so eager
I knew I found my unlikely pairing
With my burdened heart
That was full of heartaches
He hurt my love
You took my love
Moulded out all the bad memories
My body knew it had found a home
Next to yours that was inviting
Falling in love with you made easy
By your magnetic body
That protected mine in tenderness
I cannot forget our dance
In those sheets
That can tell tales of centuries
Tales of passion
Tales of immersion
Tales of thrusts
Into an unknown beautiful world
Moments my skin trembles
Whenever it remembers
Now I sit at the corner of this bed
I wrap those bed sheets around me
They smell of you
All you
Everything you
I want you back
In my arms
Inside our bedsheets
That smell of so much of you
I yearn to be in your arms again
Tomorrow without fail
So I am not left with only these Brassy bed sheets
That smell of you


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