My skin crawled
The goosebumps bit
Cold breeze slapped my nose
My tongue watered
My throat dried
My waist tingled
My loins rumbled
Staring at his photograph
Everything froze
When I remembered
He was inside me

He was the source of erotic power
Brought down the demons’ despair
Undressed my black nakedness
Crowned my secret desires
The inner stirrings of his hand
Inside an abandoned brick well
Caused ant hills to sing
I shudder
Gazing at this black and white photograph
Everything freezes
When I remember
He was inside me

That skin
So dark and shiny
I remember its touch
On my own
So brown and matte
Have I become a longing creature
Trolling his gram pages
Whispering his name
In my nuded dreams
Have I become a deluded soul
Should I be sentenced
For wanting Scotch and Whisky
To drown out
His memory
Of being inside me
Filling every dented muscle
Smoothing out creases of regrets
Will it stop freezing
If I stop remembering
He was inside me


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