I sit sleepless on my damn cold bed
I wonder who is that man
Watching you sleep at night
Or holding you to sleep
Caressing your cheeks
Walking with his hand in yours
Obsessing about how your lips moves
Just thinking his
Will soon be on yours once the moon surfaces
I sit abandoned on my shitty ass
I think about
That other man making you laugh
You laughed at my jokes
Why are you laughing at his
You cried
When I hurt your heart and soul
I shouldn’t’t think of you
In this freezing cold
Somehow I can’t stop thinking
How your breasts felt home next to my bare chest
Why was I such a fool
I sit speechless with my stuttering brain
I grate my teeth
Nails digging into my lonely mattress
I hurt with hate
Thinking that
There is someone else between your thighs
That should be my space
I sit sleepless leaning on my frozen head board
My lip
Bleeding from unwanted anger
At my foolishness
Who is he
That finally gave you his name
His heart
His devotion
Who gets to be
That someone else between your thighs
For the rest of forever
I should be the one
Not he


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