She knew she had more to live for
Than the disease that ate at her
Her laughter was ceasing
Yet she had to be strong
Would he still think her a woman
If she lost the very essence of femininity
Her breast
That she had fed her husband first
Then her children fed until grown
Would he look at her differently
If her chest lay flat like a man’s
Would society judge her
For being brave
For letting go of her bossom
Would she look at herself in the mirror
Bare chested
With no chest
He found her hand and whispered
Looking deeply in her worries eyes
You are still
You will still
Be the woman that I vowed to love
This is our
“In sickness and in health, vow”
You are my woman, my everything
Your breast does not define you
Society will not define you
It is just a Superficial world
I would rather loose a part of you
Than all of you
She soon closed her eyes
As doctors wheeled her for the operation
She smiled knowing
Loosing her breast to cancer
Was not the end of her
Her children would wait for her
Her parents would wait for her
Her husband would wait for her
When she came out
Having worn her first battle



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