The end of this journey unknown
Deep into the caves
I am hiding from loneliness
A beaten down soul like sea weeds Whistles are too loud for my tired ears
May I wrap myself into you
You and I belong together
In this silhouette night sky
Black as a raven
Always wanting your arms around me
As your skin caresses mine
In a language we understand
It is all so right
As you are Labeled my soul mate



I see his big biceps ripple
Droplets of water slide down his brow
Crawling slowly to his chest
Drawing those patterns oh so lovely
I see his black glistening skin
Smooth as a rock
At the bottom of the river
His eyes sharp like a spear’s head
Piercing my own that’s melting
I have this sense of wonder
How does his lips taste
How will his kiss make me
I yearn to be in his perfect arms
That will take me to places
I will never want to come back from
My Instinct speaks to me
I need to know this creature
All carnal desires spoken for
This is the last lust
Centuries to come I will remember
His chest rippling on my own



She watched him speak
As the wind blew across his black hair
She listened to him speak
But about what
She loved the way he smiled in a split second
Everytime he talked about something passionate
But what was it
She watched his eyes speak
Lovely eyes indeed
What were they saying
She loved his hands that spoke of warrior conquests
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Her Drink
She knows what her taste buds wants
The way the vintage wine
Slithers down her throat
Cooling every harsh memory of the day
Calming the nerves of loneliness
Her drink she knows how to mix
Cocktails refined over a lifetime of maturity
A collector of late harvest wine
The older matured in barrels the better
She knows which grapes make which wine
A lover of the classics
Tuning into her mystic self
Sparkling wine from South of France
Her very own obscene obsession
Gaillac, Bugey, Cre^mant d’ Alsace maybe even Blanquette de Limoux
An avid appreciation for all Red, White wine
She loves the curves of her tall wine glass
She relishes the sound of wine as it pours into the glass
Wondering its mystery, is it citrus, orchard or tropical fruit wine
Down her thirsty throat it goes smoothly
Her drink, her very own weakness

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I had heard of her
The charm of the midnight mistress
Her lair amidst the bossom of men
Her kisses the poison of male species
Now before me she sat, shy yet electric
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