I knew your smile caught my heart
Your very laughter tickled my fancy
I should have known I would fall like this
Fall yet feel no pain
Because my heart bumped with yours
Those slight dimples
Caught the corner of my eye
My heart fluttered a bit
When I sat next to you
I smiled internally
Knowing I had found him
Him who made me have perfect dreams
Of hands holding me close
Feet that walked by my side
Kept me from loosing my way

Dear John
I should have said so
That my mind was made up with you
Your hand I wanted to hold
If that were possible
I should have let you know
My heart melted
Into a puddle of vanilla butter
When you sounded my name
Those messages
Ever crafted with your reaction in mind
Should have said I love you
In many definite ways
I should have known I would fall like this
Then maybe
Maybe then
I would not have let you go that easily

Dear John
Here is my letter to you
Mailed from a sense of loss
Loss of letting you go
Before you made so much sense to me
Like a Blanket  on a cold winter night



I watched you love another as my heart broke into millions of pieces

I wanted to touch you yet I knew you were not mine

All I could think of was your fingertips in mine

Your kiss I desired so much to the point of insanity

Waiting as if watching a plant germinate and grow from the soil

I knew you could never be mine

Your heart belonged to someone else…her

All the feelings that kept coming to the surface

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I stood looking at you
Wondering why my heart would not stop
Calling your voice from the distance

I cried for this love divine
I cried because of this love divine
I cried with this love divine
Pieces continue to fall apart
Every part of you is missing
Every part of you is wishing
Every part of you is leaving


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She stands before you
Eyes filled with emotions unknown
Arms that want to reach out
Heart thumping in its chest
Fear dazzled in her bright pupils
Ear twitching from the beating heart
Long neck daring you loudly
Feet firmly set on the ground
Lips straining a smile
Hair massaging her scalp
Those curves unending
Skin shimmering in the night
Beckoning untold fairy tales
What do you see
She’s all woman

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It was 1984
He met her first
She saw him last
They danced
He made her a mix tape
All the songs they danced to
All the memories they talked of
All the moments they walked on
All the distances they swore on

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