That moment
When I saw your lips
I knew
They would break me
With their romance
Douse me
In immortal pleasure
Timeless passions
That had been burried within
Deep inside that oasis
Of blue milk
In autumn rays
Then it happened
Your lips on mine
I lost all resolution of strength
Taken away
By this bliss I had longed for
Such a tenderness
Such a madness
Such a peacefulness
Your lips on mine
Your kiss
Where do I begin
A senseless inspired meltdown
Quick to get my waist tickled
Creating wants, needs, cravings
Where do I begin
Your kiss
Myths unbroken
A shattering of boulders of stones
A sensation
Traveling to the corners of my hips
Like a feathered touch
From silky moons
Your kiss
Makes me remember those sheets
Silky midnight black sheets
Drawing patterns on my skin
How lonely they get
My lips
Without yours
I need a Reprieve
For the ways my loins react
To yours
That’s where I begin
Your kiss…



She stood at the entrance to the barn
Looking frazzled
Lost in her own moment
Fear stilled her lips
Tears dried by the rainy wind
Half torn
Half hanging on her shoulder
Her yellow dress clung to her frail body
What was left of it
Hours in the market she had been
Sudden rain found her amidst the bare lands
Horses foot steps was all she heard
Before her head hit the ground
Tears stung at her innocent eyes
As he tore her dress
Breath smelling of beer
From Jo’s Salon
She knew her world had ended
Soon as she felt his weight
Rain poured, wind blew
Her strength she gathered and ran
Fast as she could
Till she saw a barn door open
Standing at the entrance way
He saw her torn Yellow dress
He knew from pain in her eyes
Gun in hand he left
For Jo’s Salon


Children Playing Cricket In South Africa

Walking on grass in the early morning sun
Brings unimaginable joy
Peace that i have not experienced before
I become one with nature
Songs that birds sing in the morning
I have become accustomed to
Simple love i look forward to
The touch of a child’s smile
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You write because words need to be said
It’s in the beauty of the world
Everything in life is an inspiration
A leaf falls from a tree
When the wind breezes past
Dancing to the tunes of the air
Mists dent the dawn of a beautiful sunrise
Keep your Quill wet
So when words start flowing
You will never stop writing
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Air i breathe
For you breathed life in me
Filled my nostrils with oxygen
That flows in my blood to keep me alive
I am made in your wondorous works
Jehovah is your name
El shaddai describes you
Addonai is you personified
You are my eternal provider
I praise you LORD
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