Last night I was in your arms
Relishing the warmth of your bosom
Following the shape of your collar bone
With my fingers oh so eager
I knew I found my unlikely pairing
With my burdened heart
That was full of heartaches
He hurt my love
You took my love
Moulded out all the bad memories
My body knew it had found a home
Next to yours that was inviting
Falling in love with you made easy
By your magnetic body
That protected mine in tenderness
I cannot forget our dance
In those sheets
That can tell tales of centuries
Tales of passion
Tales of immersion
Tales of thrusts
Into an unknown beautiful world
Moments my skin trembles
Whenever it remembers
Now I sit at the corner of this bed
I wrap those bed sheets around me
They smell of you
All you
Everything you
I want you back
In my arms
Inside our bedsheets
That smell of so much of you
I yearn to be in your arms again
Tomorrow without fail
So I am not left with only these Brassy bed sheets
That smell of you



That moment
When I saw your lips
I knew
They would break me
With their romance
Douse me
In immortal pleasure
Timeless passions
That had been burried within
Deep inside that oasis
Of blue milk
In autumn rays
Then it happened
Your lips on mine
I lost all resolution of strength
Taken away
By this bliss I had longed for
Such a tenderness
Such a madness
Such a peacefulness
Your lips on mine
Your kiss
Where do I begin
A senseless inspired meltdown
Quick to get my waist tickled
Creating wants, needs, cravings
Where do I begin
Your kiss
Myths unbroken
A shattering of boulders of stones
A sensation
Traveling to the corners of my hips
Like a feathered touch
From silky moons
Your kiss
Makes me remember those sheets
Silky midnight black sheets
Drawing patterns on my skin
How lonely they get
My lips
Without yours
I need a Reprieve
For the ways my loins react
To yours
That’s where I begin
Your kiss…



I knew your smile caught my heart
Your very laughter tickled my fancy
I should have known I would fall like this
Fall yet feel no pain
Because my heart bumped with yours
Those slight dimples
Caught the corner of my eye
My heart fluttered a bit
When I sat next to you
I smiled internally
Knowing I had found him
Him who made me have perfect dreams
Of hands holding me close
Feet that walked by my side
Kept me from loosing my way

Dear John
I should have said so
That my mind was made up with you
Your hand I wanted to hold
If that were possible
I should have let you know
My heart melted
Into a puddle of vanilla butter
When you sounded my name
Those messages
Ever crafted with your reaction in mind
Should have said I love you
In many definite ways
I should have known I would fall like this
Then maybe
Maybe then
I would not have let you go that easily

Dear John
Here is my letter to you
Mailed from a sense of loss
Loss of letting you go
Before you made so much sense to me
Like a Blanket  on a cold winter night



The aroma wafting through my nostrils like fresh rain
Fallen on dark green dewy grass
Brings back my senses from a wonderful day dream
Only that it is not a daydream but a dream i live through
Here i lay on the rich red soil
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You hold her from behind
And whisper sweet nothings in her ear
Just to make her giggle
She loves it when
You help her cook in the kitchen
Just to keep her company
She loves it when
You want to taste her food
Before it is even done
She loves it when
You take care of your baby
When she is tired
Just so she can rest
She loves it when
You hold her close
And say nothing
Just breath next to her chest
She loves it when
It is you and her
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